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Microsoft Dynamics RMS end-of-life timeline and upgrade path --

Please note the phrase "mainstream support is ending" refers to Microsoft's sales distribution network. This does not affect continuing support for the RMS product line from Microsoft or RMS resellers, nor does it prevent current users from purchasing additional licenses.

Current Microsoft RMS users:

- You can continue to purchase additional licenses and obtain extended support from MS Dynamics until July 13, 2021. That is years from now. RMS resellers will continue to support the RiMS product line after that date as we do now for older versions of RMS or even QuickSell 2000 (circa 1999).

- You can elect to upgrade to the next generation platform known as Retail Management Hero (RMH) starting in Q3/2016. The initial release is for single store locations without add-ins. The upgrade will be no charge to RMS users on a current MS Dynamics maintenance plan (BRAP/BREP). A special upgrade program will be offered to users on a lapsed maintenance plan and those who wait to upgrade in 2021 or after.

- Multi-store users running HQ can upgrade to RMH at the store level starting in Q3/2017. Since RMH works with HQ this can be done on a store by store basis (RMS and RMH at different stores). A replacement for HQ (RMH Central) is planned for general release in of Q4/2019. Larger stores can evaluate an upgrade to an AX based platform known as Retail Realm Essentials (RRE) which is a scaleable, mid-market solution designed especially for chain stores. You might also consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail (a hybrid cloud solution).

- If the upgrade options are not a good fit for your business you can continue to run RMS as noted. We will also offer migration to other solutions for both single and multi-store environments.

New customer interested in MS Dynamics Point-of-Sale:

- New customers with a single store will be able to purchase RMS Store Operations licenses until July 10, 2016. The upgrade to Retail Management Hero (RMH) is included with the RMS maintenance plan.

- New customers with multiple stores will be able to purchase RMS for multi-store (Headquarters plus Store Operations) until July 10, 2016. Store Operations licenses can be upgraded to RMH when available as RMH works with HeadQuarters (HQ). A replacement for HQ is planned for release in Q4/2019. Larger multi-store businesses should consider Retail Realm Essentials (RRE) which is a scaleable, mid-market solution designed especially for chain stores.


There are YEARS OF LIFE left to RMS 2.0 including updates and support plus an upgrade path to next-generation platforms (on-premise and cloud based). The phrase "mainstream support is ending" refers to Microsoft's sales distribution network, not continuing support for the RMS product.

Extended support for RMS will continue from MS Dynamics through July 13, 2021. RMS resellers such as DRS will continue to support the platform well past that date.

The current release of RMS is 2.0.2022 See Store Operations Manager, Help, About to determine version you are running.
The current release of RMS Toolkit/Bicycle/Hobby Bundle is 3.2.000x. See Power Ops, About, About for version you are running.

RMS supports EMV/Chip/NFC processing through plug-ins from selected processors and EMV devices. There is no mandate to switch to EMV/chip processing. However, after October 1, 2015 there was a liability shift to the retailer if a fraudulent card is swiped when chip processing was available for the card. An EMV solution can also provide you with AVS/CCV protection (zip + security code) for MOTO transactions (mailorder/telephone). Note: The address check button in RMS does NOT provide AVS protection.

PCI compliant editions of RMS include 2.0.015x (Level 1 compliance), 2.0.100x (Level 2), and 2.0.200x (Level 3). PCI compliance is also available independent of the RMS version by using card processing plug-ins. These plug-ins in turn support EMV/Chip&PIN devices. Example, the EMV solution from Mercury/Vantiv that supports multi-purpose PIN pad or signature capture device.
EMV PIN pad: http://store.digitalretailer.com/Verifone-PIN-Pad-with-EMV%2BNFC-786/ 
EMV Sig-Capture: http://store.digitalretailer.com/Ingenico-Sig-Cap-with-EMV%2BNFC-791/

There are multiple options to migrate from RMS when and if you decide to do so.
Single store RMS users can upgrade to RMH starting Q3/2016 (without add-ins). RMH is essentially RMS 3.0 with a new modern interface and a number of enhancements. There is NO LOSS OF DATA during the conversion. RMH will support your current RMS database including all historical information. Some RMS add-ins will continue to run without modification while others will require an updated codebase to support the new RMH platform.
For general information about RMH visit: www.rmhpos.com 
For upgrade info view this article: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/503/0/retail-management-hero-rmh

For enhanced multi-store POS an upgrade from RMS Headquarters to Retail Realm Essentials (RRE) is available now. Please note this platform is designed for multi-channel chain stores and mid to large size retailers. Example, 50+ terminals over 4+ sizeable stores. RRE is not a good fit for a small group of stores which includes any small stores since the infrastucture requirements are the same as MS Dynamics full AX for Retail platform (ERP). That means IT personnel are required for setup and maintenance of the complete MS stack required -- including the full version of SQL Server and Server OS at each store, CAL licenses, plus a domain network, etc.. If this does not describe your current HQ environment, we suggest you wait to evaluate the cloud replacement for HQ (EOY 2016). In the meantime RMH works with HQ if you'd like to upgade any of your store locations. RMS and RMH can also be mixed in an HQ environment.

If you would like to leverage what you have now at the lowest cost for years, renewal of a DRS add-in suites such as RMS Toolkit, Bicycle Bundle, or Hobby Bundle includes all current RMS 2.0 updates plus support for 12 months. This provides the following.
- Changes to DRS applications as noted in the What’s New topic of DRS Help files posted on our tutorials page or installed to your desktop during upgrades.
- Full access to our 24/7 knowledgebase (KB) for downloads and updates, plus support services (installation, setup, training, and troubleshooting for DRS add-ins via live chat, e-ticket, or remote logon session). 
- 1st tier operational support for Microsoft RMS including suggested 2.0 updates.
- Update and support coverage for 12 succeeding months from renewal date.
- No lapsed plan penalty fees. Renewal alerts are triggered 30 days before expiration and flash the last 15 days.

You can also modernize and rejuvenate your current RMS system by upgrading to Windows 7/8/10 plus add touchscreen monitors at your POS lanes. You can then configure POS for touch-centric operation with several options including POS task pads (custom buttons instead of F-keys with user-defined actions specific to your business). Touchscreens also prepare your system for RMH migration where the POS module is especially designed for speedy touch control.
Another option to refresh your RMS installation is to enable Net Display at POS by adding a customer-facing second monitor (example, USB 7"-12" LCD). This option doubles as an enhanced pole display to show item information during ring-ups plus store information, photos, web pages, or ads whenever the POS station is sitting idle (between sales).

For RMH upgrade info view: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/503/0/retail-management-hero-rmh

If you have further questions please submit a ticket on our help desk or engage a support rep by chat (available 9am-6pm weekdays, your local time, US/CA). 

IMPORTANT: This article will be updated as new information is made available. The RMH website (www.rmhpos.com) includes latest recorded demos, brochures, RMH feature comparison spreadsheet, price options, training videos, and more.


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