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12/17/2014: V.I.P. Zone 3.1 update has been posted. All DRS Add-ins are now version 3.1.

12/1/2014: All DRS Add-ins version 3.0 expire on Dec 31 2014.
A licensing update (v3.1) for all add-ins has been posted to our knowledgebase, reseller landing page, and shopping cart. You should install the update over the top of your current installation to extend expiry to its normal date. The update takes less than 5 minutes per PC and can be installed at any time. No renewal fees are due unless your AMP happens to expire in December. 

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Quick update instructions for end-users are located at links below. Select your licensed product(s).

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Bicycle Bundle users only:

Hobby Bundle users only

RMS Toolkit users only:

All other DRS Add-ins users (purchased separately including AutoGen, DRS Tools, Power Ops, Service Manager, SO Tracker, SWAT Search, Serial Editor, V.I.P. Zone, and HQ Bridge): 

General instructions -- Prep: Close any DRS apps currently running*.
1. Download appropriate update(s) from links above, unzip the installer(s), right-click and select Run as Administrator, accept all defaults and complete the installation. 
2. Repeat installation on any PCs where update is required. 
3. On one PC, run an updated app, select About, Register in top menu, click envelope icon, and follow the instructions to request a replacement key. Updates will run for 30 days without a new key.

IMPORTANT: Single store users running a suite such as RMS Toolkit, Bicycle Bundle, or Hobby Bundle only need to request ONE key for ONE app in your suite. HQ users running any app or suite only need to send in ONE key request for ONE app from ONE store location or HQ. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE KEY REQUEST. 


*HQ Bridge users must end the process using Task Manager before installing the update.


Current versions of DRS Add-ins:  http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/141/ 

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