Posted by DRS Help Desk on 29 April 2014 03:01 PM
12/1/2014: Bicycle Bundle v3.1 update released: http://help.digitalretailer.com/News/NewsItem/View/52/ 
11/18/2014: If you are interested in testing QBP catalog integration prior to official release, see this article for instructions: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/465/37/
11/12/2014: A release will be issued this month pending changes required to match the new file format. 
10/27/2014: New file format under review and testing. 
10/20/2014: File contents are corrupted; awaiting fix from QBP.  
10/13/2014: Zip file format is invalid or file compression failed on QBP's end; waiting for an update from QBP.
9/12/2014: QBP has published their new file format for testing; if successful we will release an update at end of the month
7/7/2014: It is in QBP's court. They have yet to publish the new file in flat file format to FTP so we can test and release a Bicycle Bundle update. In the meantime we have moved on to other suppliers. Next up is KHS Bicycles. If you have other suppliers you want integrated, have them contact jumpstart@digitalretailer.com for instructions.

5/28/2014: We received a partial file from QBP for in-house testing only. Final specs to be determined.

Bicycle Bundle users: Please LOGIN to our help desk and review the knowledgbase article below regarding integration with QBP.


It has been two months since the last Bundle update was posted (2/28/14) to accomodate QBP changes, but QBP has yet to update their catalog file. Please contact QBP and let them know you need the catalog update ASAP since adding new items manually is not a viable solution especially when every other linked supplier offers you click-and-import.
Catalog update in turn powers features like warehouse stock check, cost sync, GTIN/UPC updates, PO Loader, and more.

Linked suppliers include Downeast Bicycle Specialists, Giant Bicycle, Hawley Company, J&B Importers, Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, QBP (except catalog update at present), Shimano American, SmartEtaiing.com (POS Sync, Buy Local Now), and Specialized.

Electra Bicycle was working until taken over by Trek. If you are an Electra dealer you might ask them why this was stopped. It is simple matter to post their catalog and re-enable the links. If a new server is in use, all we need is the new address to add to DRS Linker.

Would you like catalog import in Power Ops and JumpStart to work with other suppliers?
We can link to ANY supplier who hosts 1-2 files on their FTP server and EVERY website supports FTP.
If you want a supplier to link with your system, ask them to contact jumpstart@digitalretailer.com for instructions. There is no charge for this service. A supplier simply hosts a file or two on their FTP server which can easily be managed by an IT person or webmaster (or anyone familiar with FTP file transfer).

Remember -- We have no influence with suppliers, but you do as THEIR customer. Ask them when they will support you and other dealers running Microsoft RMS. We can link to any supplier who takes the steps to post and update their product catalog. Ditto with warehouse stock check. Order entry integration is also possible if supplier's cart system supports XML file drop or web services. 
The more links, the easier it is to do business with that supplier and the more time savings for you.

IMPORTANT: We supply the links, not the data. It is the supplier's responsibility to maintain their data and update it.


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