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IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to have a SmarEtailing.com website to use this service. You do need a Linker SE license for Bicycle Bundle or Bicycle Bundle Lite.

Buy Local Now is an online mapping tool that lets bike brands like QBP, Park Tool, and Saris/CycleOps refer thousands of online customers per week to stocking retailers, right in the customers’ local areas.

Click here to view an actual example taken from Park Tool’s website which shows retailers in the Chicago area for one of Park’s multitools.

See those red pins on the map, the ones listed first in the chart at left? Those are retailers who have that multitool in stock as of the past fifteen minutes…which we know because their POS systems are hooked into SmartEtailing’s POS Sync database. And as you might suspect, retailers with red pins get the enormous majority of those thousands of weekly click-throughs.

Cost for POS Sync is $30/month, and it’s available to all specialty retail bike shops, whether they’re a SmartEtailing client or not.

There are currently ten major brands participating in Buy Local Now, and Buy Local Now will be announcing one of the Big Three bike companies will go live with the program in the next few weeks.

Participating Brands:

  • Surly
  • SRAM
  • CatEye
  • Park Tool
  • Saris
  • CycleOps
  • Cane Creek
  • Buzzy’s
  • Problem Solvers
  • Civia

More info: http://smartetailing.com/about/buy-local-now...-how-the-specialty-channel-wins-pg399.htm

Linker SE info: http://store.digitalretailer.com/store/search.asp
Linker SE is a one-time purchase with updates tied to a Bicycle Bundle or Bicycle Bundle Lite maintenance plan (AMP).

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