Posted by DRS Help Desk on 17 February 2013 09:58 AM

This update affects all DRS add-ins except Hobby Bundle installer.

1. Year edition for bundled suites has been dropped to coincide with new licensing format based on anniversary date of AMP renewal, not calendar year. Retailers on an active maintenance plan qualify for all updates on a continuing basis.

2. General update for licensing to support a master key in a multi-store environment (HQ). If you are not a HQ user or you don't require any of the updates listed below, there is no need to update your software at this time

3. Updates to direct link supplier functions in the Bicycle Bundle:

  •    SO Tracker fix for warehouse stock check [all direct linked suppliers that support availability]
  •    Added support for Louis Garneau catalog import [JumpStart, Power Ops, DRS Linker]
  •    FTP change for Downeast Bicycle Specialist [DRS Linker]
  •    Hawley Company URL change for order entry [PO Loader] 
  •    If you missed any prior Bicycle Bundle updates, see:  http://help.digitalretailer.com/News/NewsItem/View/30

4. Update to TenderView installer to support FP2 change in Style type (add custom POS button).

5. Fixes to V.I.P. Zone to resolve 64 bit install issues and a license key problem.

IMPORTANT: Installer passwords have changed. See our Knowledgebase (KB) articles for download links and instructions. Updates can be installed over the top of existing installations if version 3.0. If you are running licensed versions of 3.0 apps, no license key change is required. DRS Support plan and AMP subscribers can request update assistance from our support team at DRShelp.com or follow step-by-step instructions in our KB articles (Self-service, Downloads, Installers, DRS Add-ins).

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