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Microsoft RMS 2.0 and POS 2009 has been tested by MS Dynamics with Windows 10 without any reported issues other than 1) same touchscreen problem reported for POS lanes running Windows 8 (i.e., cursor control and numeric pad issues in POS screen when run in tablet mode), plus 2) keyboard macros in POS are not fully supported (OS issue), and 3) Windows Update can affect the RMS install log (requires a reinstall of RMS to fix using CD installer). WARNING: Verifone 1000se PIN pads should be replaced with EMV compliant devices along with a PCI compliant plug-in to process credit cards).  

DRS Help Desk recommends RMS version 2.0.100x and higher on Windows 7/8/10. To verify the version you are running see Store Operations Manager, Help, About. SQL Server 2005 can work if the required Service Pack is installed. However, the required version on Windows 8/10 is SQL Express 2008 R2 especially if you are close to the 4G limit in 2005.

Windows 10 was a free upgrade for Windows 7/8 users until July 29th, 2016. However, the free upgrade page continues to work (search for "Windows 10 free" on CNet or similar how-to articles). New PCs will have Windows 10 pre-loaded with compatible drivers. Old hardware may not be compatible or suffer performance issues after a Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 7 was Vista fixed. Windows 10 is Windows 8 fixed. ;-) Keep in mind Windows 10 is a continually updated service, not configurable Windows Updates as in past editions. You want the Pro edition (for business) not the Home Edition (for consumers). The Pro version is installed during the upgrade as long as Windows 7/8 Pro is your current OS.

XP/Vista users: If you been wary of upgrading your PCs due to the OS shock, Windows 10 is for you (no learning curve). However, many older XP PCs cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 due to hardware issues. The exception is a PC that included Windows 7 Pro originally with a downgrade to XP Pro or Vista Business. Most Windows 7 PCs can be upgraded to Windows 10, but Microsoft does not guarantee all hardware drivers are supported as that is up to the driver manufacturer. If you do have an XP/Vista PC that includes a Windows 7 factory restore option, you'll need to install that first before upgrading to Windows 10. RMS and associated files will need to be reinstalled after the upgrade using the CD installer (not the RMS download installer). 

TIP: Don't carry your old baggage from XP/Vista to Windows 10 such as Norton or 3rd party anti-virus and security tools. Windows 10 has all the security you need built in and enabled by default. Unless you are a power user who relies on extensions, we also suggest you consider retiring Firefox as your browser and evaluate Chrome or the new Edge browser in Windows 10. 

IMPORTANT: If you do elect to upgrade a Windows 7/8 PC to Windows 10, select the option to retain everything. Do not wipe the drive and start over.

Windows 7 users: Windows 7 Pro remains a viable platform for POS lanes due to 100% compatibility with all potential peripheral drivers and RMS add-ins, plus full support for all touchscreen options in POS. There is no compelling reason to upgrade a dedicated register lane station which operates in POS all day long. However, with MS support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020 you'll want to lock down the OS by then (no active browser, no email processing, plus a 3rd party security app supporting Windows 7 after that date). Windows 10 is a clear improvement for back office PCs or workstations where you frequently multi-task and run applications other than RMS. The shock of the touch-centric Modern UI introduced in Windows 8 is gone and the familiar desktop functions of Windows 7 are back -- and improved. See this overview article for pros and cons: http://www.infoworld.com/article/2953655/microsoft-windows/windows-10-review-hold-off-if-you-use-windows-7.html
TIP: Run Device Manager after upgrading and verify all devices are running compatible drivers (no exclamation point or red X indicator). If required, click on the problem entry and search for an updated driver.

Windows 8 users: By all means upgrade to Windows 10 keeping in mind updates are required not optional. The upgrade process takes an hour plus on most PCs; longer if you also need to upgrade SQL Server afterwards. All objections Windows 7 users had moving to Windows 8 have been resolved whether you run with a touchscreen monitor or keyboard/mouse only. Windows 10 really is Windows 8 fixed with some slick new features. For example, the Start menu is back (and improved), Modern UI apps (from Microsoft Store) do NOT take over the screen by default or require corner swipe/mouse drag to close, and the annoying Charms are replaced with easy access to Settings (new app), and more. Plus there is Virtual Desktop for power users (create multiple desktops and flip between them).

WARNING: If you are replacing a POS lane PC with a new Windows 10 CPU, make sure the replacement PC includes any legacy ports required for peripherals such as receipt printer, pole display, PIN pad, barcode printer, etc. Those devices may require a COM port or parallel port card (do NOT try using a USB cable adapter). Also note that Windows 10 does NOT currently support all RMS add-ins designed for use at POS lanes. Most notably this includes some EMV plug-in software. To ensure 100% compatibility of hardware drivers and add-ins for POS, stick with Windows 7 Pro.
WARNING: Verifone 1000se PIN pads and older PIN pads should be replaced with EMV compliant devices along with a PCI compliant plug-in to process credit cards. 

Windows 10: When installing RMS on a PC already running Windows 10, you should first install SQL Server Backward Compatibility (BC) before installing RMS. Also make sure to install RMS using the CD install files, not the download installer.
32 bit BC installer:  www.digitalretailer.com/files/SQLServer2005_BC.msi 
64 bit BC installer:  www.digitalretailer.com/files/SQLServer2005_BC_x64.msi 
Make sure Windows Updates are current after installing BC and RMS.
Once the CD version of RMS is installed you must also install any required hot fixes and service packs to match the version of RMS you are currently running. See Manager, Help, About for version/build.
Also see this article: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/492/0/database-connection-error-after-windows-10-upgrade-on-server-windows-10-issues

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Notes --

Your RMS database must contain valid store info. If licensing Store Operations, see Store Operations Manager, File, Configuration, Store tab. If licensing HQ, see HQ Manager, File, Configuration, Billing Statement Return Address. Store name, address, city, state, zip and phone number must be populated or the required 10 character database SN will be missing from your license key request.

Resellers: Ordering instructions are posted on our reseller landing page. Contact reseller@digitalretailer.com for access information.


There have been a few compatibility issues reported to date and MS Dynamics will not offiically support RMS on Windows 8 unless CU5 (latest service pack) is installed. If you do not qualify for this update (active RMS maintenance plan), you should not purchase a Windows 8 PC.

If you plan to run a POS lane with touchscreen options enabled, you should not purchase a Windows 8 PC. Some POS screen forms do not work with the Windows 8 multi-touch interface. It is an OS issue that cannot be resolved with a RMS update.

The current recommended platform for RMS is Windows 7 Professional; 32 bit for POS lanes to ensure compatibility with all possible drivers and add-ins; 64 bit okay on workstations and server.

Business class PCs will be available with Windows 7 Pro for at least 2 years.
If you are replacing hardware, contact our sales office for a quote. We offer Windows 7 Pro PCs preloaded with RMS, drivers, and extra ports for POS peripherals -- plus 3-3-3 warranty (parts, labor, onsite). Call 800-322-9471.

Also see: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/322/0/id-like-to-replace-or-upgrade-my-pc-with-a-new-one-what-are-system-requirements-for-a-new-pc-to-run-rms


Unless you are in dire need of a new Windows 8 application from the Windows 8 Store, or wish your back office desktop meshed with your new Windows 8 smartphone/tablet/laptop, there is no reason to upgrade an existing PC to Windows 8. It won't help you run RMS and there are known compatibility issues. However, it would allow you to take advantage of a rapidly growing list of apps and utilities designed to run on the Window 8 ecosystem (smartphone to tablet to desktop).

The most likely use would be a Windows 8 Pro tablet (not RT) for running RMS Manager and functions such as inventory lookups or inventory counts. The POS module is not fully compatible with Windows 8 touchscreen operations. If you want to run a POS lane on a tablet, you need a Windows 7 Pro tablet.

If you not a "PC enthusiast", you will likely experience culture shock with Windows 8 layouts and procedures. "Metro" (now called Modern UI) is a substantial GUI rewrite of the Windows interface whereas prior versions of Windows were evolutionary in nature. In other words, you are going to be a bit lost until you get your bearings and adapt to new methods. Without a touchscreen, the Modern UI is clumsy to navigate with a mouse.

Whether you have a touchscreen or not, you're going to want to learn keyboard shortcuts like Windows-X and Windows-D to run the desktop. Or Windows-S to search for anything (local destkop and web). 

Note: Windows 10 was released on July 31st 2015. This OS version resolves all the objections to the new GUI introduced in Windows 8 and improves the user-experience all around. See this article for more info:

Bottom line: Most business users will spend 95% of their time in desktop mode running apps they are accustomed to. The Modern UI is better suited to browsing, reading/watching the news, or running apps from the Windows Store. If you are upgrading your business PCs from XP, you are best off moving to Windows 7 Pro. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor The learning curve will be minor. Windows 8.1 is also an option with boot-to-desktop enabled. Windows XP to Windows 8.1 Upgrade 

Note: Very few older computers will be able to run Windows 8.1. Many older PCs can run Windows 7.

Digital Retail Solutions Add-ins include the following components.
To view version currently installed on your PC, run the application and select About, About in top menu.

AutoGen - 3.2.0003

BS-CRM Interlink - 3.2.0003

DRS Tools - 3.2.0003

HQ Bridge - 3.2.0003

JumpStart - 3.2.0003 

DRS Linker - 3.2.0008

DRS Linker/Hobby - 3.2.0003

PO Loader - 3.2.0003

PO Loader/Hobby -

Power Ops - 3.2.0003

Serial Editor - 3.2.0003

Service Manager - 3.2.0003

SO Tracker - 3.2.0003

SWAT Search - 3.2.0003

V.I.P. Zone -

To view the version you are running, select About, About within the application. 

If your application is not up to date, you can download the installer from the Downloads section of our Knowledgebase (KB). You must login to the help desk to view full content. Select Self-Service, Downloads, Installers, DRS Add-ins and locate the appropriate installer.

DRS Add-ins installers: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/List/Index/37/drs-add-ins

Follow the instructions to install or upgrade the application(s). In a few cases a patch is available for download instead. Search this knowledge base for the application name, or visit the Updates folder under the News section on this site for information. Otherwise contact our support team by live chat or e-ticket.

If you upgrade an application, you may need to request an upgrade key by running the application and selecting About, Register, then click the envelope icon and follow the instructions. If your AMP (annual maintenance plan) has expired, you'll need to renew the AMP to obtain an upgrade key. Instructions will be provided by our registration office when you request a key.

When purchasing a new PC to run Microsoft RMS, DRS recommends purchasing on with the following specifications:

Processor:Dual Core Processor 

Memory: 2-4G RAM

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 Professional: 32-bit recommended for POS lanes to ensure 100% compatibility with all add-ins and peripheral drivers; 64-bit is fine for back office PCs and server; recommend installing Office in 32 bit mode for compatibility with RMS
  • Windows 8.1 (not recommended for POS lanes that require full touchscreen functions)
  • Window Vista Business Edition; required SP1 patch (contact our support team)
  • Windows XP Professional SP3 -- RMS IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED ON XP; MS support ended April 8th 2014

Also please make sure that your new PC has the required legacy ports if necessary. These are commonly referred to as Serial or Parallel ports. These ports are typically used by devices such as older barcode label printers, debit pinpads and receipt printers, pole displays, and scanners.

**DRS offers replacement CPUs pre-loaded with RMS, drivers, and any required legacy ports. For details contact our sales office at 800-322-9471 or view current entries at: http://store.digitalretailer.com/Hardware-CPUs/ 
Please note PCs purchased elsewhere will require PPI (pay per incident) support for system setup. **

Click here to view our Windows 7/8 compatability article with links to utilities to run on your old PCs.
Click here to view our Windows 10 compatability article.

WARNING: You should NOT mix 32 bit and 64 bit PCs as POS lanes or add-ins designed for POS may not work correctly. Keyboard macros in POS do not work with Windows 7 unless UAC is disabled (not recommended) and macros do not work at all with Windows 8.

SQL WARNING: There is no need to install SQL Server on any PCs other than the database server, or a backup server, or a POS lane that will be run in offline terminal mode. On PCs where SQL is not installed, you should install SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility (32 bit or 64 bit depending on OS installed).
Do NOT install SQL 2012 Express (not currently supported without CU5 and problem reports on file).
Windows 7: Install SQL 2005 (bypass warnings), then run Windows Updates (SQL SP3), then create instance using RMSsample db, then upgrade instance to SQL 2008 R2 (if required for 4G+), then restore your RMS db.
Windows 8: Requires SQL 2008 R2.

Detailed requirements for RMS are also posted on our website's software page:  http://www.digitalretailer.com/software

Also see: System requirements for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (note WARNING above)

If you have any questions regarding specifications, please feel free to contact our sales team at 800-322-9471.

No, the drivers for QS2000 are not plug-and-play compatible, plus QS2000 is not PCI compliant if you'd like to use integrated card processing.
You'll want to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics RMS to run on Windows 7/8/10*. 
A conversion utility is included with RMS to migrate your QS2000 data to the new platform.
To download a 30 day trial of Microsoft RMS, register at our help desk: www.DRShelp.com or file an e-ticket to request a trial.
Training time is minimal since basic operations and screen layouts are similar. There is a POS module for register functions and a Manager module for back office functions.

*The recommended platform for POS operation is Windows 7 Pro 32 bit to ensure 100% compatibility with all possible POS peripheral drivers, RMS add-ins, and integrated card processing including EMV support. Windows 8 and 10 will also work depending on your hardware and merchant processor.

RMS 2.0 SP4 (2.0.0155) or higher is required for Windows 7.

Only Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate is supported (not Home Premium). 64-bit is not recommended for your POS lanes. You may have problems with OPOS drivers and integrated credit/gift card processing if deployed on a 64-bit POS lane PC.

Web based global gift card services like Mercury/Vantiv/Worldpay are not compatible with Windows 7 64-bit without a plug-in. Contact a help desk operator for details or submit a ticket.

POS macros will not work with UAC enabled.

Windows 7 will display a compatibility error when installing RMS with SQL 2005 Express. You should bypass the error as SQL will be patched during a subsequent Windows Update. Or you should skip SQL Server installation if the PC will not be used as a database server.

Some apps may need to be configured to "Run as Administrator" or in XP compatibility mode.
You should not need to run RMS in XP Virtual Mode (optional download available with Pro/Ultimate edition).

Summary: The preferred hassle-free OS for POS lane stations is Windows 7 Pro 32-bit (x86). 64-bit is fine for any back office PCs.

Windows 7 hardware compatibility advisor: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/get/upgrade-advisor.aspx

Windows 8 compatibility: http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/377/0/is-microsoft-rms-compatibile-with-windows-8

Window 10 compatibility:  http://help.digitalretailer.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/480/0/is-microsoft-rms-compatibile-with-windows-10

IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend upgrading to Feature Pack 2 without Hot Fix #35 due to reported issues with performance, XP, and multi-store operations (HQ).

Update 9/25/2015: Hot Fix #60 released to address issues reported with Cumulative Update 5 (CU5). The current release is now 2.0.2022

Update 1/30/2015: Hot Fix #52 released to address issues reported with Cumulative Update 5 (CU5). The current release is now 2.0.2014. 

Update 8/4/2014: Hot Fix #45 released to address issues reported with Cumulative Update 5 (CU5). The current release is now 2.0.2007.

Update 4/30/2014: Hot Fix #42 released to address issues reported with Cumulative Update 5 (CU5). The current release is now 2.0.2004.

Update 12/2/2013: Cumulative Update 5 released. Contains all hot fixes issued since Feature Pack 2 (FP2). The current release is now 2.0.2000. 

Update 3/5/13: Hot Fix #37 released to address reported issues reported with Feature Pack 2. See hot fix document for details. The current release is now 2.0.1006.

Update 2/26/13: Hot Fix #36 released to address reported issues reported with Feature Pack 2. See hot fix document for details. The current release is now 2.0.1005.

Update 12/13/12: Hot Fix #35/34 released to address issues reported with Feature Pack 2. See hot fix document for details. The current release is now 2.0.1004.

Update 10/29/12: Hot Fix #33 released to address issues reported with Feature Pack 2. See hot fix document for details. The current release is now 2.0.1002.

Update 8/28/12: Hot Fix #32 released to address issues associated HQ communications, handling magnetic-swipe gift cards not encoded with Format B, adding value to global voucher when security level enabled, font color for POS task pads, and other fixes. The current release is now 2.0.1001.

Update 8/15/12: Feature Pack 2 released. The current release is now 2.0.1000. For details, see this news-blog article: http://help.digitalretailer.com/News/NewsItem/View/26/microsoft-dynamics-rms-20-feature-pack-2-released

Update 5/28/12: Hot Fix #31 released to address issues associated with performance displaying items if remember sub-descriptions is enabled, plus security level setting on quantity for kit items. The current release is now 2.0.0166.

Update 4/24/12: Hot Fix #30 released to address issues associated with duplicate batch processing when using EDC with TSYS, plus deletions of items in WS 340: PO Planner in HQ. The current release is now 2.0.0165.

Update 3/28/12: Hot Fix #29 released to address issues associated with setting blocked sales on weighed items and Add Item display error on PO when two workstations are eding PO's at same time. The current release is now 2.0.0164.

Update 2/28/12: Hot Fix #28 released to address issues associated with PO date change before PO is saved, 401 issue with customer account changes, cross linked PO's if created at same time on multiple workstations, and Net Display error upon POS startup. The current release is now 2.0.0163.

Update 1/11/12: Hot Fix #27 released to address issues associated with Physical Inventory worksheet procesing while open for business. This release also fixes Error 3711 when processing purchase orders. The current release is now 2.0.0162.

Update 12/7/12: Hot Fix #26 released to address issues associated with tax tab in HQ Manager, collation error, and synchronizing voucher table for offline terminal mode.

Update 10/17/11: Hot Fix #25 released to address issues associated cost updates, PO processing, discountID to HQ, global voucher fix, and debit card gateway URL update for preferred acquirer. The current release is now 2.0.0160.

Update 9/15/11: Hot Fix #24 released to address issues associated with FP1. The current release is now 2.0.0159. This release fixes problems associated with adjustments on Physical Inventory counts and WS 250, 260, 307 (HQ users). It also prevents vouchers from being applied multiple times in same transaction.

Update 8/12/11: Hot Fix #23 released to address issues associated with FP1. The current release is now 2.0.0158. This release also fixes a problem viewing quote details and missing LastUpdate column entry on matrix edits.

Update 6/16/11: Hot Fix #22 released to address problems associated with FP1/SP4. The current release is now 2.0.0157. This release resolves 'Item is no discountable at POS' and tender amount error when recalling a transaction for partial return.

Update 5/2/11: SP4 Refresh is now availalble on CustomerSource. This release fixes several problems associated with FP1. The current release is now 2.0.0155. See documentation for details.

- Vantiv/Worldpay users should be aware installing SP4 prevents credit card voids (you must refund the transaction instead).
- 'Item is not discountable at POS' option in Item Properties does NOT work with SP4 unless subsequent hot fix is installed.
- Service Manager v1.0 users must upgrade to v1.1 to avoid 'Ambiguous column' error.

Update 4/15/11: There have been numerous problem reports regarding performance issues after FP1+SP4 is installed. As a result, SP4 Refresh is scheduled to be released soon.

Feature Pack 1 (FP1) for RMS 2.0 users is available from CustomerSource. However, FP1 must be installed with Service Pack 4 and MS Fixit 50537 for FP1. You may also need to apply hot fixes or a SQL script after upgrading if POS transaction processing is slow. For this reason, make sure to file an MS support incident before upgrading your system.

This feature pack is cumulative and contains all service packs and hot fixes previously released for RMS 2.0. The feature pack can be installed on any version of Microsoft RMS 2.0. See the Readme.txt file for instructions on preparing your system prior to installing the update.

For a list of new features in Feature Pack 1, click here. For a list of hot fixes and services packs released for RMS 2.0, click here. You must file an MS support incident to request hot fixes while service packs and feature packs are listed under Downloads on CustomerSource.

WARNING: New features such as GMROI/turnover reports, sales order info, and inventory valuation only work moving forward from date of upgrade. These features DO NOT work on your current historical data unless you run the MS Fixit utility to populate the new tables with historical data. You must also immediately install Service Pack 4 after installing FP1. This resolves errorrs with opening purchase orders on multiple PCs and issues with slow performance.*

To download FP1 for RMS 2.0, click here to visit CustomerSource. Follow the instructions to install this update -- Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 Feature Pack 1 (v.2.0.0150), then install Service Pack 4 (SP4 Refresh, not original version issued before 5/2/11), then all hot fixes to date, then upgrade your RMS database (and any offline databases if applicable), then run MS Fixit 50537 for FP1, then reload receipt templates in Manager (especially X report) and edit tempaltes as necessary (if previously customized).

*The delay viewing items in the Content tab of PO's can be diminished by enabling "Hide Details by default" in Manager, File, Configuration, Options, Purchase Order options. Keep in mind that means crippling this new function (view item stats when reordering).

If you have any questions, please visit www.DRShelp.com or contact: support@digitalretailer.com
Step by step instructions are also posted to our self-service knowledge base under the Downloads sections.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have access to CustomerSource, it means you need to renew your RMS software maintenance plan (BRAP). Contact our sales office for details at 800-322-9471. If you have not already installed RMS 2.0, make sure to follow our step-by-step instructions from the Self-Service Center or visit the DRS Support center for assistance.

WARNING: DRS add-ins such as Service Manager will require an update to run with Feature Pack 1. Only Service Manager v.1.1 is supported with FP1. See Service Manager, About, About to confirm what version is running now. If you rely on this add-in, make sure your DRS maintenance plan is current before upgrading to FP1 so you can install v1.1. Otherwise Service Manager will display "ambiguous column name" error when running certain procedures after upgrading to FP1.

WARNING: You cannot install FP1/SP4 with MSDE (Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine). You must be running SQL 2005 Express or higher. You should upgrade SQL before installing FP1/SP4.


EMV questions? See this news post: http://help.digitalretailer.com/News/NewsItem/View/53/emv-applepay-chip--pin----now-or-later EMV integration for RMS supercedes PCI compliance nnd provides continuing support for evolving security standards for card processing.

If you are running RMS v2.0 with the latest service pack and hot fixes, you are in base compliance with PCI rules governing credit card number retention. However, you'll need to install an EMV plug-in to comply with current regulations. You also need to ensure hardware such as PIN pads is compliant with the proper key injection. See our EMV article above for details and options.

WARNING: Running a non-compliant POS system with integrated card processing exposes you to heavy fines and penalties if you have a security breach (or PC theft). The deadline for Level 1 compliance was July 1, 2010. Additional regulations went into effect October 2011. If you are not sure your system is compliant, contact our support team for assistance. To view your current installation version, see Manager, Help, About.

Tokenization option: For a future-proof PCI compliant solutions, contact our sales office and ask about our free plug-in for RMS with low-cost hybrid device (self-swipe, integrated PIN pad and signature capture). This solution encrypts the card when swiped and creates a token for authorization and tracking. Advantages include ability to refund transactions without card present, scheduled auto-settlement (user defined), tips processing, and more.

For more information on PCI compliance, see this document:  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=111473 
(Access to CustomerSource required.)


We are pleased to offer unlimited weekday support on an annual plan, as well as Pay Per Incident (PPI) support. Please note that 24/7 after-hours support is available through Microsoft Dynamics as long as your RMS software maintenance plan remains active. DRS support is limited to standard hours on weekdays (see support agreement for details).

PPI subscribers: Annual renewal of your DRS support agreement is required in January each year. Otherwise you will lose access to the self-service center. To renew, download the PPI agreement below and return by fax or email.

DRS support services include chat, phone, email, and web-to-case service. Click DRS Support in menu above for details.

  • Annual Support Plans (ASP) starting at $69/mo. These plans include unlimited weekday calling privileges for operational support by phone, remote logon, chat, or e-mail, plus access to our 24/7 client intranet for self-help knowledge base articles, announcements, and downloads. Benefits also include automated offsite backup of RMS related data, DRS installation of all RMS and add-in upgrades, annual system check-up, plus option for remote unattended access (before or after hours system maintenance).
  • Do-it-yourself plan (DIY) for $199/year includes 24/7 access to our online Knowledge Base.
  • Pay-per-incident (PPI) rate for live support is $125 per incident up to 60 minutes, plus $2/minute for each additional minute. PPI rate for email-ticket is $50 for up to 15 minutes, plus $2/min for add'l minutes. Compare this to $69 to $169 per MONTH for an Annual Support Plan (ASP) that includes unlimited weekday services.
  • DRS Self Service Knowledge Base with articles, tips, suggestions, downloads, and how-to guides. This resource is available 24/7 to all DIY and ASP subscribers, plus PPI subscribers with an active DRS add-in software maintenance plan (AMP) for one of our bundled suites (Bicycle, Hobby, RMS Toolkit).

Please download a current Support Agreement. In order to continue receiving access to Digital Retail Solutions Support by chat, email, remote session or callback, this agreement needs to be completed and returned by fax or mail no later than January 31st each year. All current PPI plans expire on that date. New service plans and rates are effective starting February 1st each year.

Option A: Pay Per Incident (PPI) only (does not include Knowledge Base access unless you have an active DRS software maintenance plan such as Bicycle Bundle)

Option B: Pay Per Incident (PPI) + DIY includes 24/7 access to our self-service Knowledge Base

Option C: Annual Support Plan (ASP) with unlimited weekday support services by live chat, email/ticket, logon sessions, or callback plus all of the above benefits; select one of the following:
1-2 PCs: $695/year or $69/month
3-5 PCs: $895/year or $89/month
6-10 PCs: $1295/year or $129/month
11-20 PCs: $1695/year or $169/month

If you are an HQ user, a multi-location discount applies to monthly plans for additional locations.

PPI (pay per incident) is REQUIRED with all support agreements. If you do not request these services during your term, you won't be charged for them. Our agreement spells out what charges might accrue if you ask for those services.

Please note that after-hours support is available from MS Dynamics 24/7, 6 days per week as long as you maintain your RMS software maintenance plan. An after-hours support request from Microsoft must be initiated by logging into CustomerSource. If you have not renewed your RMS maintenance plan, please contact our sales office.

If you have any questions about our support services from DRS or Microsoft Dynamics, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Call 800-322-9471 x87 John Chang.


The POS program is designed to be mouseless and 99% of all operations can be carried out using the keyboard only. This provides for FAST operation.

Use Esc to back out of the POS program. Esc will also cancel a sale in progress. Other shortcut keys include:

  • Spacebar or Del to remove a line item entry.
  • Arrows keys to move to invoice body rows and columns.
  • Esc to clear the HTML browser window.
  • Alt-F4 to close the internal browser.
  • Tab to move within dialog box fields.

F1 Help -- complete online manual. F1 Help will also direct you to context-sensitive help whenever a dialog box appears with a Help button at the bottom.

If you have logged into POS as a Cashier without Exit rights, press F9 Security to change the login to a Cashier that has Exit rights.

You can activate login at the end of every sale by turning on this option under Manager | File | Configuration | Options | POS options | Force logon each sale.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts in POS, search the knowledge base for "shortcuts".

All DRS add-ins version 3.2.x have a codebase end date of 31 January 2022 regardless of key expiry date.
A licensing update will be released before end of this year that will restore the correct expiry date for users whose license expires after 31 Jan 2022.
You can install the update over the top of the currently installed version as long as the app is not running.
Since our add-ins are licensed by database not PC, no license key change will be required.
Install the update on all PCs running the application.

If you are unsure about your actual renewal date you can select About, Register in top menu of the app, click the envelope icon and follow the instructions to request a key. Our registration office will reply and let you know when a renewal is due. 

IMPORTANT: Renewals requests cannot be processed until January 2022 after licensing updates have been installed. There will be no interruption in service running our add-ins as long as you install the update. Step-by-step instructions will be posted under our News-Blog when available. You will not receive an email notice. You must visit our help desk and follow the instruction posted here.
The app(s) will warn you 30 days before expiry so you will have plenty of time to install the update.


No version of QuickSell 2000 (discontinued) is PCI compliant. The last update to the program was in 2001.
For PCI compliance, you will need to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics RMS that includes integrated card processing.
To download a 30 day demo, complete a store profile at: www.digitalretailer.com/store-profile
A conversion utility is included to migrate your QS2000 data to the new platform.
Training time is minimal since basic operations and screen layouts between the two platforms are very similar.

SMS Corporation, makers of Quicksell 2000/Quicksell Commerce, was purchased by Microsoft in 2003.
The software is now known as Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System).
For a list of changes see:  http://www.digitalretailer.com/software/quicksell-2000

IMPORTANT: You only need to request ONE key for ONE application on ONE PC even if you are renewing a license for a bundled suite such as RMS Toolkit or Bicycle Bundle. Our licenses are issued per database, not per PC. The same key authorizes all PCs over the network running the same version of the application. 

DRS Add-in licenses are valid for 12 succeeding months from date of original purchase or last AMP renewal.

A renewal warning message will appear in title bar 30 days prior to expiry date. This message starts flashing when 15 days remain. A registration form with instructions will pop up when 5 days remain. If app has expired answer Yes when prompted to enter a key then click the envelope icon and follow the instructions to renew. 

To renew your DRS add-in license before the expiry date, select About, Register in the top menu of the application, click the envelope icon, then follow the instructions to request a license key. Cut and paste text shown and email to the address indicated. Our registration office will respond with AMP renewal instructions.

If you are prompted for a database name, enter the database name as it is displayed in Store Operations Manager, Help, About.

An AMP (annual maintenance plan) is 50% of current base license price and includes all updates and support for 12 months. You also have access to our 24/7 help desk with 500+ knowledgebase articles for RMS and DRS add-ins. Support is available from our help desk at www.DRShelp.com. Live chat is available 9am-6pm weekdays, end-user's local time (US/CA only). Email support is also available from same site (submit a ticket).


DRS Help Desk: www.drshelp.com  (or select Support, Help from our website at www.digitalretailer.com)

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Support: 888-477-7877 plus authorization code (10 digit phone number) or login to CustomerSource (https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource) and select Support

Microsoft RMS Key Activation: 866-432-3012 (if Internet activation fails)

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Operations:  800-456-0025

HP Point of Sale Support: 866-852-4865 (have your CPU tag code handy)

Mercury/Vantiv/Worldpay: 800-846-4472

Vital/TSYS (card processor network): 866-634-2099 with merchant ID and V#

Honeywell/Symbol Support: 800-653-5350

Note: This article is superceded by latest requirements for PCI/EMV compliance. See this news post for details:

To: All RMS Users with integrated card processing enabled --

The merchant deadline for PCI compliant software and hardware was July 1st, 2010.
To avoid extra fees, denial of service, or possible fines, you should verify your current system specifications and determine if an upgrade is required.
A breach in security can result in a substantial cost your business. The average fine is $300 per lost credit card number based on the number of card transactions processed during the breach. How many credit cards do you process in a day, week, or month?

If you are running any edition of RMS prior to 2.0.0155, your system is NOT PCI Compliant.
To view the version/build you are running, see Manager, Help, About. The current version of RMS is 2.0.2022.
If you do not have access to the RMS service packs and hot fixes on CustomerSource, contact our sales office to renew your Microsoft RMS software maintenance plan (BRAP) or contact our help desk for assistance installing a compliant version.

If you are running any version of RMS with PC Charge or IC Verify, your system is NOT PCI compliant.
Only RMS 2.0.0155 or higher with native integrated card processing is PCI compliant. Or RMS 2.0.0116 or higher with an approved merchant processing plug-in that is PCI compliant. Contact our sales office for details.

If your administrator cashier is using the default password provided with RMS, your system is NOT PCI compliant.
You should at least change that password.
Note: Passwords in 2.0.0116 or higher are case-sensitive.

If you own a Verifone 1000 PIN pad, your device is NOT PCI compliant.
If you own a Verifone 1000-SE PIN pad, only 1000-SE part numbers of P003-180-xxx and higher are compliant.

Visa Security Bulletin & Timeline: http://usa.visa.com/download/merchants/payment_application_security_mandates.pdf

To contact our sales office about renewing your RMS software maintenance plan (BRAP) or upgrading your PIN pad hardware, please call 800-322-9471 ext 87, John Chang.

If you need assistance installing an upgrade, engage a support rep by chat.


Here are the steps to a pain free experience.

1) Print out and read the RMS/DRS support email you received as soon as your software license was registered at Microsoft Dynamics. Also print out the attached documents which include Support Agreement, CustomerSource FAQs, DRS Implementation Guide, and Conversion Document (if you are converting from another POS system).

2) Complete the Support Agreement and fax to number indicated. This officially registers your for DRS Support services. Your support requests cannot be processed until you are registered. Once registered you will have access to all DRS services including live chat, knowledge base, e-tickets, downloads, and callbacks.  

3) Follow the intructions to connect to the eLearning course on CustomerSource or view/print the associated training workbook and complet the lessons. You can skip the Administrator chapter as we take care of this for you. Instead focus on the POS and Manager sections.

4) Assemble your PC components to the best of your abilty. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team via live chat if you have any questions or problems. Networks should be installed and configured by a local PC service resource if you are not comfortable doing this yourself. Unless you are a large firm, we do not recommend a domain based network (requires IT assistance to setup and maintain).

5) Connect to the Internet and check for Windows updates -- especially critical patches or security updates.

6) Register for online anti-virus service. We recommend Microsoft's free Security Essentials. You should avoid suites such as Norton Utilities.

9) Contact DRS Support to install the RMS Store Operations software. Please do NOT enter license keys until you have read the instructions (Getting Started Guide) or consulted with our support team.

Note: When you are ready to initiate your first session for assistance, visit www.DRShelp.com and engage a support rep by chat.

10) Refer to the DRS Implementation Guide for further instructions.

Should you have any problems with your order (backordered component, missing cable, etc.), please don't hesistate to call our sales office at 800-322-9471. Office hours are 9am-5pm weekdays, EST. DRS Support hours are 9am-6pm weekdays, your local time (USA/Canada).

Three ways:

1. Press F1 Help: Extensive online help is just one keystroke away, plus context-sensitive help is available anytime you see a Help button on the dialog box.
2. Download the Store Operations or HQ training workbook (available to registered users). This step-by-step procedural guide includes lesson/test sections to gauge your growing knowledge of the program. You can print these lessons for use in an employee training manual.
3. Contact DRS Support. We are here to help train you and your employess at any time (instant chat support, 9am-6pm weekdays, your local time).

QuickSell 2000 from SMS Corp was discontinued in 1999 and replaced with QuickSell Commmerce v1.0 in 2000. This updated a number of functions in QS2000 and added additional features. QuickSell Commerce evolved to version 1.1 by 2002 at which time the SMS Corp was purchased by Microsoft. Version 1.2 of Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) was released in 2003. Next came version 1.3 in 2004, followed by 2.0 in 2007.

While the general module approach remains the same -- POS for cash register functions and Manager for back office -- there are MANY differences between QS2000 and Microsoft RMS.
Scroll this page for details: http://www.digitalretailer.com/products/software/quicksell-2000

F1 Help in POS and Manager is the first place to find out what's new. It is especially advantageous to click the Help button within a form for instructions with that form. F1 Help in RMS is considerably more extensive than QS2000's help file. We also suggest you peruse the Tips & Tricks section of our help desk knowledgebase (KB). A training workbook for RMS is located in the RMS Docs folder placed on your desktop when DRS personnel install your trial. This training workbook contains lessons and sections you can print for use in an employee manual. You can also print sections from F1 Help by selecting a topic on the left then click the Print icon at top.

Bottom line: QS2000 users SHOULD NOT expect Microsoft RMS to replicate a program discontinued 15+ years ago. RMS is four generations removed from QS2000. It will take time to adapt some new procedures and take advantage of many new features. You can practice the new procedures on your converted QS2000 data during your 30-day trial. When you purchase the upgrade we expect you to adapt to those changes and make any hardware and OS changes required to run RMS.  


To receive our email broadcasts you must first opt in by signing up at our main website.

If you signed up in the past but are no longer receiving DRS emails, we suggest you first check your spam box then add @digitalretailer.com as an allowed domain address in your email filters (aka whitelisting).

You may also have opted out in the past. This can happen if you click the Unsubscribe button in error while reading an email or forward our email using your email client (instead of the forwarding link provided in the broadcast) then the recipient opts out.

To re-subscribe to our email alerts and broadcasts, please use this form:


IMPORTANT: Articles posted to the news-blog on our help desk are NOT broadcast to all subscribers. Insteasd we cccasionally broadcast an email that links to an important news article. Otherwise news articles are posted (or updated) without notice. We suggest you visit the help desk on a regular basis to keep up to date.  

Recommended versions include 2.0.0116, 2.0128, 2.0.0157-0166, and 2.0.1006.
Problem releases include 2.0.0105, 2.0.0112, 2.0150, 2.0.0151, 2.0.1000, 2.0.2000, and 2.0.2014.
Only 2.0.0155 or higher are PCI compliant if you are using native integrated card procesing.
The recommended SQL Server release is SQL 2005 Express, installed as a (local) instance which is the default configuration for RMS. This instance can be upgraded to 2008 Express R2 if you exceed the 4G limit in 2005 edition or your server OS is Windows 10.

To determine the version of RMS you are running, go to Manager and select Help, About. 

Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) versions -

2.0.2022 (initial release + Cumulative Update 5 + hot fixes)
2.0.1007 (initial release + Feature Pack 1 + SP4 + Feature Pack 2 + hot fixes)
2.0.0166 (initial release + Feature Pack 1 + hot fixes)
2.0.0128 (initial release + SP2 + SP3 + hot fixes)
2.0.0116 (initial release + SP2)
1.3.1012 (final 1.3R release + hot fixes) -- Microsoft support discontinued as of 3/2011 
1.3.0208 (final 1.3 release + hot fixes)
1.2.0189 (final 1.2 version + hot fixes) -- Microsoft support discontinued as of 3/2007

NOTE: All RMS applications must be running the SAME version on ALL PCs on your network. This includes Store Operations POS, Store Operations Manager, HeadQuarters Manager, HeadQuarters Client, HeadQuarters Server.

The attached documents outline all updates and hot fixes available for versions 1.2 and 1.3. 
2.0 users should refer to this document: http://www.digitalretailer.com/HotFixReport_20.pdf

For the latest information on updates and upgrades, be sure to check the News section on our help desk.

RMS version 2.0.0105 was originally released in January 2007. (CD pressing December 2006)  Microsoft will discontinue support for this edition as of July 2021.

RMS version 1.3.1002 Refresh was originally released in June 2006. This version requires XP or Window 2000 SP4. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of October 2010.

RMS version 1.3.0203 was orginally released in November 2005. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of June 2009.

RMS version 1.2.0151 was originally released in June 2003. If you are running this edition you are missing important upgrades and hot fixes. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of March 2007. Contact our sales office for upgrade instructions.

To view release dates for all hot fixes, see attached documents below.  

See additional article on this knowledge base for current DRS add-ins versions.

IMPORTANT: You must contact Microsoft Dynamics support directly to obtain Hot Fixes or Service Packs. If you do not have access to CustomerSource, call 888-477-7877 for account information. You must have an active software maintenance plan to obtain a hot fix or service pack. DRS Support also provides qualifying hot fixes and service packs to registered clients. To place a request, select Submit a Ticket in top menu.

A Word to the Wise: Hot fixes are not foolproof, nor have they undergone extensive testing in the field. Unless you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms described in a hot fix update, do not blindly install a hot fix just to keep up to date. Always make a backup before installing a hot fix and heed the following warning from Microsoft Dynamics regarding all hot fixes.

"WARNING: This hotfix has not undergone full testing. Therefore, it is intended only for systems or computers that are experiencing the exact problem that is described in the one or more Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. If you are not sure whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, we encourage you to wait for the next service pack release. The service pack will include a fully tested version of this fix. We understand that it can be difficult to determine whether any compatibility or installation issues are associated with a hotfix. If you want confirmation that this hotfix addresses your specific problem, or if you want to confirm whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, support professionals in Customer Support Services can help you with that (contact MS Dynamics support)."